Awards News

The Physical Activity and Sports Department of the Université de Moncton announces that 66 student-athletes have been named U SPORTS Academic All-Canadians for maintaining an average of at least 3.7 during the past university year.

The President and Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Denis Prud’homme, congratulated them for their academic and sporting accomplishments. “We’re very proud to announce that a record number of athletes from the Université de Moncton have earned the title of U SPORTS Academic All-Canadians in 2019-2020,” he said. “This is excellent news, and it shows how our actions, including offering high-quality coaching, have been good for the academic and sports careers of our Aigles Bleues and Aigles Bleus.”

Martine LeBlanc, manager of sports activities, is also delighted to hear this excellent news. “Our Bleu et Or athletes are famed not just for their athletic abilities but also for their discipline, academic rigor and devotion to their sport and their studies,” she stated. “Once again, our Aigles have proved that they can strike a balance between their academic and sports objectives and attain good results both in class and on the field. What an accomplishment!”