Championships Men’s Soccer



No media conference with reps from each team was scheduled in the itinerary.

It is however possible, depending on availability and requests, to schedule a media point at the end of the banquet to proceed to interviews.


In order for media reps to be able to cover the event, an accreditation request must be sent to Renaud St-Laurent.

Please send him an email ( as soon as possible and before November 5th, 2019. Requests can be submitted up until 48 hours before the requested day of access.

Due to a limited number of spots, the University of Montreal reserves the right to deny some accreditation requests, based on allocated spots and/or availability.


Please see below a recap of the main services offered to media:

  • Media accreditation system for the Championship and All-Canadian banquet as outlined above
  • Permanent media box at CEPSUM Stadium as main site to welcome media and communications and sport information leads from U SPORTS and participating universities. The media box is located at the top of the main stand, under the roof. Protected from bad weather, it is composed on 15 indoor seats with heat. 25 extra outdoor seats can be added, protected by the roof, with chairs and desks.
  • Dedicated Wifi access for media (including a IT lead available on-site at all times)
  • Plugs
  • Printer and copier
  • Dedicated space for the distribution of stats, rosters, media guides…
  • Attendance management based on accreditations
  • Bilingual communications staff available on-site at all times
  • Access to webcast
  • Media zone for interviews an inside room near the field.
  • Championship programs including information on teams, schedule, sponsors… available to read.
  • Bilingualism at all times
  • PA announcer and play by play commentator for all the games
  • Photographer and videographer specialized in sports available for all the games as well as during the banquet
  • After each game, U SPORTS and participating team will be quickly provided with the following elements: photos, video clips, stats, reports, audio files of the interviews, etc. via email and on a DropBox
  • Snacks and water offered during all the games.