Championships Track & Field



**Note: All competition is held at the Universiade Pavilion The below schedule includes revisions to the Playing Regulations to accommodate facility specifications and facilitate a safe competition.

Day 1 - Thursday

Time Event Gender Category
2:00 PM Weight Throw W Final
2:00 PM 60 M Hurdles W Pent
3:45 PM 60M M Hep
2:40PM High Jump W Pent
4:30PM Long Jump M Hep
5:00PM Shot Put W Pent
6:00PM 60 M W Heats
6:10PM 60 M M Heats
6:10PM Long Jump W Pent
6:15PM Shot Put M Hep
7:00PM 60 M W Final
7:10PM 60 M M Final
7:30PM High Jump M Hep
7:30PM 600 M W Heats
7:45PM 600 M M Heats
8:00PM 800m W Pent
8:20PM 4x200 M W Heats
8:40PM 4x200 M M Heats

Day 2 - Friday

Time Event Gender Category
12:30PM Weight Throw M Final
1:30PM 60 M Hurdles M Hep
2:30PM Pole Vault M Hep
4:30PM 60 M Hurdles W Heats
4:45PM 60 M Hurdles M Heats
5:00PM Long Jump W Final
5:00PM High Jump M Final
5:00PM 1000 M W Final
5:10PM 1000 M M Final
5:30PM Pole Vault W Final
5:30PM 60 M Hurdles W Final
5:40PM 60 M Hurdles M Final
5:50PM 300 M W Heats
6:05PM 300 M M Heats
6:30PM 3000 M W Final
6:50PM 3000 M M Final
7:00PM Long Jump M Final
7:00PM Shot Put W Final
7:40PM 300 M W Final
7:50PM 300 M M Final
8:00PM 4x800 M W Final
8:15PM 4x800 M M Final

Day 3 – Saturday

Time Event Gender Category
12:30PM Triple Jump W Final
12:30PM Pole Vault M Final
1:15PM 600 M W Final
1:30PM 600 M M Final
2:15PM 4x200 M W Final
2:25PM 4x200 M M Final
2:30PM High Jump W Final
2:45PM Triple Jump M Final
2:45PM Shot Put M Final
2:45PM 1500 M W Final
3:00PM 1500 M M Final
4:00PM 4x400 M W Final
4:15PM 4x400 M M Final