Women’s Basketball

Championships Track & Field


Want to know more about who is playing, what the schedule is like, and where you can watch the games? See below for information surrounding the championship matches.

All events will be held at James Daly Fieldhouse on the campus of the University of Manitoba.

Day 1 - Thursday, March 7, 2019

Date Event Gender  
1:30pm Weight Throw W Final
3:00pm 60 M Hurdles W Pent
3:20pm 60 M M Hep
4:00pm High Jump W Pent
4:00pm Long Jump M Hep
5:30pm Shot Put M Hep
6:15pm 60 M W Heats
6:30pm 60 M M Heats
6:30pm Shot Put W Pent
7:00pm 600 M W Heats
7:15pm 600 M M Heats
7:30pm 60 M W Final
7:40pm 60 M M Final
7:45pm Long Jump W Pent
8:30pm 4x200m W Heats
8:45pm 4x200m M Heats

Awards: Weight Throw (W) / 60m (W & M)

8:15pm High Jump M Hep
9:15pm 800m W Pent

Awards: Pent (W)

Day 2 - Friday, March 8, 2019

1:30pm Weight Throw M Final
3:00pm 60m Hurdles M Hep
3:15pm 60m Hurdles W Heats
3:30pm 60m Hurdles M Heats
4:00pm Long Jump W Final
4:15pm Pole Vault M Hep
4:30pm 1000m W Final
4:45pm 1000m M Final
5:15pm 60m Hurdles W Final
5:30pm 60m Hurdles M Final
6:00pm 300m W Heats
6:15pm 300m M Heats
6:15pm Long Jump M Final
6:30pm Pole Vault W Final
6:45pm High Jump M Final
6:45pm Shot Put W Final
7:05pm 3000m M Final
7:25 1000m M Hep

Awards: Weight Throw (M) / 60m Hurdles (W & M) / 1000m (W & M) / 3000m (W & M)

7:45pm 300m W Final
8:00pm 300m M Final
8:30pm 4 x 800m relay W Final
8:45pm 4 x 800m relay M Final

Awards: Long Jump (M) / Shot Put (W) / Hep (M) / 300m (W & M) / 4 x 800m (W&M)


Day 3 - Saturday, March 9, 2019

12:30pm Trimple Jump W Final
12:30pm Pole Vault M Final
1:15pm 600m W Final
1:30pm 600m M Final
1:45pm Shot Put M Final
2:15pm 4 x 200m Relay W Final
2:25pm 4 x 200m Relay M Final
2:30pm High Jump W Final
2:45pm Triple Jump M Final
2:45pm 1500m W Final
3:00pm 1500m M Final

Awards: Pole Vault (M) / 1500m (W & M)

3:45pm 4 x400m Relay W Final
4:00pm 4 x 400m Relay M Final

Awards: Triple Jump (M) / High Jump (W) / 4 x 400m (W & M) MVP / Team Banners

To be Determined...