Championships Men’s Volleyball


This year's U SPORTS Men's Volleyball Championship returns to a familiar site, as McMaster has been selected to hold the men’s tournament.

McMaster won the silver medal at the 2016 event on its home floor – the fourth time it hosted the tournament. The Marauders also previously hosted in 1979, 2006 and 2007. 

“Following the success of the event at the Burridge Gym in its 50th season, and the confirmation of Hamilton as a volleyball hotbed, McMaster is honoured to serve as host of the 2018 U SPORTS Men's Volleyball Championship,” said Glen Grunwald, director of athletics and recreation at McMaster.

“The strong foundation built in 2016 will be expanded upon, to provide an even better student-athlete experience for the best that U SPORTS men's volleyball has to offer. We look forward to working alongside our exemplary partners in the Hamilton volleyball community to present an event that our university, the City of Hamilton and U SPORTS can be proud to call their own.” 

McMaster University, Hamilton, ON
March 16-18, 2017

The strong foundation built in 2016 will be expanded upon, to provide an even better student-athlete experience for the best that U SPORTS men's volleyball has to offer.

Glen Grunwald - director of athletics and recreation at McMaster University

Tantramar Trophy

The Tantramar Trophy was donated in 1967 by Mount Allison University and is named after the famous Tantramar Marshes, a large area dedicated to the birds and wildlife surrounding Sackville, N.B., near the university.

 Past Champions 

Date champions host
2017-18 UBC McMaster
2016-17 Trinity Western Alberta
2015-16 Trinity Western McMaster
2014-15 Alberta Saskatchewan
2013-14 Alberta Calgary
2012-13 Laval Laval
2011-12 Trinity Western Queen's
2010-11 Trinity Western Trinity Western
2009-10 Calgary Thompson Rivers
2008-09 Alberta Alberta
2007-08 Alberta Laval
2006-07 Winnipeg McMaster
2005-06 Trinity Western McMaster
2004-05 Alberta Laval
2003-04 Saskatchewan Laval
2002-03 Manitoba Alberta
2001-02 Alberta Alberta
2000-01 Manitoba Laval
1999-00 Manitoba Laval
1998-99 Saskatchewan Laval
1997-98 Winnipeg Calgary
1996-97 Alberta Calgary
1995-96 Manitoba Calgary
1994-95 Manitoba Laurentian
1993-94 Laval Dalhousie
1992-93 Calgary Alberta
1991-92 Laval Winnipeg
1990-91 Manitoba Laval
1989-90 Laval Winnipeg
1988-89 Calgary Calgary
1987-88 Saskatchewan Guelph
1986-87 Winnipeg Winnipeg
1985-86 Winnipeg Moncton
1984-85 Manitoba York
1983-84 Manitoba Laval
1982-83 UBC UBC
1981-82 Calgary Dalhousie
1980-81 Alberta Victoria
1979-80 Manitoba Saskatchewan
1978-79 Saskatchewan McMaster
1977-78 Manitoba Moncton
1976-77 Winnipeg Waterloo
1975-76 UBC Manitoba & Winnipeg
1974-75 Sherbrooke Laval
1973-74 Winnipeg Alberta
1972-73 Winnipeg Laurentian
1971-72 Winnipeg Laval
1970-71 Winnipeg Laurentian
1969-70 Montréal Calgary
1968-69 Winnipeg Mount Allison
1967-68 Ottawa Guelph
1966-67 UBC Alberta