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It's two weeks to go for the International Day of University Sport on September 20, which means it's almost time to celebrate IDUS in style!

However, this year, with the situation being what it is due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is inevitable that IDUS will not be celebrated as it has been in the past, with mass gatherings and activities for hundreds, if not thousands of people.


Therefore, this year, FISU brings a challenge that everyone can participate in - from the safety of their homes if need be.

The 2020 IDUS Dance Challenge starts today! Two of our amazing World University Championship cheerleading athletes have created bespoke routines for this challenge and all of FISU's fans, followers and audiences on social media are welcome to participate.

The spirit of IDUS after all, is sport and activity for all.

Here’s Dance I from Sabrina Trolio, fourth year Intermediate/Senior from Brock University. She was a participant on the 2018 Brock Cheer team that represented Canada at the FISU World University Cheerleading Championships in Lodz, Poland in 2018 and came home with a bronze medal in the Premier All-Female Division. 

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