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Put yourself in the racing spikes of Chantelle Groenewoud and Jessica Furlan.

You’re 23 or 24 years old, representing your country on the world stage at the Kazan 2013 FISU Summer Universiade. Your event – the 3,000 metre steeplechase – is a grueling test of even the fittest athletes. You’ve put in all the mental and physical training to put you in this spot.

The final.

In front of the crowd in Russia, you put in your absolute best possible performance. You finish just off the podium, 4th and 5th place, with one of your best friends and you feel proud. Satisfied.

Usually, that’s where the story ends. You go back to school, your training, World Championship and Olympic aspirations, and you carry a happy memory of putting it all on the line and coming through with a good result.

Then the story has a second chapter.

In July 2018, you’re told that a doping infraction by one of the athletes on the podium means that Groenewoud is awarded the bronze medal and Furlan is moved up to 4th place.

A victory for clean sport. A precious medal for a deserving competitor.

But you’re still not ready for Chapter Three.

This week, U SPORTS announced Groenewoud and Furlan had been upgraded to gold and silver after the other original medallists in the event had also been disqualified, now more than seven years after that great race in Russia.

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