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After launching over 30 replays of instant-classic games during the first global lockdown period to much fanfare, we’re back in the act of bringing the best of international university sports to your home.

After having opened FISU’s archive of television-quality content to broadcasters and member federations, FISU is again looking to reach audiences directly by launching #UniSportsClassics. This time around the content will focus on full competition replays from the Summer and Winter Universiades.

The re-lives will start at 10:30 a.m. ET / 7:30 a.m. PT  every Thursday on the FISU YouTube and Facebook social media channels. 

Upcoming Games

  • 17 Dec | CAN vs RUS Men’s Ice Hockey Final from Harbin 2009 Winter Universiade

  • 24 Dec | KAZ vs CAN Men’s Ice Hockey Final from Trentino 2013 Winter Universiade

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FISU: #UniSportsClassics brings back the Harbin 2009 men's ice hockey final

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