Getting to know your U SPORTS athletics staff: Peter Hellstrom, Laurentian Voyageurs


Throughout the 2017-18 season, U SPORTS sits down with one key athlete, coach, and staff member of each U SPORTS athletic program in our new interview series “Getting to know…”

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Name: Peter Hellstrom

School: Laurentian University

Position: Athletic Director

Seniority: 21 seasons

Previous job/position: Assistant Coach, Sudbury Wolves

Hometown: Sudbury, Ont.

1. How did you get to your current position, and what do you enjoy most about our job?

I was the Marketing and Event Coordinator within the athletic department and then applied for the Athletic Director position when it came open during a departmental realignment.

 2. Who has had the most influence on your career?

There has been numerous people who have influenced my career: Thérèse Quigley from a AD perspective at meetings and working collegially with others, Carol McCauley, our VP admin in leading others and financing. As well as the other members of the Northern Alliance, great friends with great insight.

3. What is your greatest sporting moment or achievement?

Winning back to back OUA men’s hockey championships as a student-athlete at Laurier.

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4. How would you define a Laurentian University student-athlete?

Driven, organized, dedicated, proud and focused. One who also can enjoy the moment!!

5. What does success look like for the Laurentian University athletics program?

Success falls in a variety of pillars: competitions success, academic success and all-around development of great character people.

6. What’s the biggest challenge you face in today’s sports world?

There are many, however I think we all have one common one and that is finances for our student athletes! University athletics is bigger and better than many think or know. We need to invest in these young women and men more.

7. Where would you like to see Canadian university sport in the next 3 to 5 years?

A recognized level of sport across Canada that many more acknowledge and support!

8. If you could sit down for dinner with one person in the sports industry (athlete, coach or manager), who would it be? Why? What would you talk about?

Bill Belichick, just to talk managing people’s egos, focus on a championship, building a team, how to invest in people, how to get the best out of people and of course deal with the media.

9. What would you say to a sports fan who’s never watched a U SPORTS game/tournament/competition?

They are missing a massive hidden gem!

10. What do you enjoy doing when you’re away from work?

Fishing, hockey and enjoying friends and family.