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Welcome to the home of Tuesday Morning Skate, the official U SPORTS Hockey Podcast. From student-athlete commitments to injury reports and timelines, our insider Victor Findlay has got you covered. Each week, Findlay takes you through a weekly recap of key performances, analysis of top stories, and interviews of current players and coaches, as well as alumni finding success in their post-varsity careers.

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Episode 13: Troy Smith Interview

"It's a super tight-knit community. I'll wear my X ring for life. It's a symbol of not just getting a degree, but of the friendships and bonds that you build."

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Episode 13: Philippe Hudon Interview

"A sense of pride and a sense of belonging. That was the key thing that was missing. If I had to compare from year 1 to year 5, that's what really changed."

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Episode 12: Cole Linaker Interview

"The culture in the room is in a lot of ways the same as a culture in a workplace. Everyone has to embrace a role, everyone has a job. If everyone does the job and embraces the job, the company or the team is gonna have success," Cole Linaker on similarities between the classroom and the locker room."

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Episode 12: Marty Williamson Interview

"If we keep getting better, then there's no reason why we can't get to the nationals again. But that's what I'm pushing on my guys, don't be satisfied with 14-5."

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Episode 11: Derek Sheppard Interview

"I wouldn't sign a deal if I didn't think I wouldn't be able to play there. The camp with the Chicago Wolves and my former coach Chris Dennis at the start of the year showed me I was definitely able to play at that level."

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Episode 11: Murray Nystrom Interview

"I always wanted to spread my wings a little bit in terms of geography, and I'm excited to be in western Canada and be involved in hockey in the west."

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Credit: Brock University

Episode 10: Mark Howell Interview

"We gotta play a real quick, fast, but intense game. You gotta be really determined, and have great determination on loose pucks. We gotta make it hard on them to get up the ice."

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Episode 10: Jason Fram Interview

"You're representing not only yourself and U SPORTS against the World Juniors, but you're representing your university, whether it's to other university players or your team or to the World Junior players."

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Episode 9: Randy Gazzola Interview

"I've grown up since my first year. But I thought to myself, give 100% at the rink, if I'm going to be at the library, make sure I give 100% at the library."

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Episode 9: François Brassard Interview

"It's pretty easy to find motivation to play for these guys. With Vanner's track record in the NHL, you can't not listen to that guy. He knows a lot about hockey and systems."

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Episode 8: Ben Fanelli Interview

"The biggest thing I try to teach is being real as real as you can and being honest. Delivering things in a way you show you're on the same page as them, you're on the same team pulling on the same rope in the same direction."

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Credit: Ben Fanelli

Episode 8: Kyle Hope Interview

"My dad started racing stock cars at Delaware when we were 10 to 12 years old. Me and my brother both wanted to do it and it just kinda grew. Before we knew it, in 2015 we won a championship."

Kyle_Hope.jpg (1.25 MB)
Credit: Kevin Jarrold

Episode 7: Joel Ward Interview

"I don't care what kind of money you're making or what you're doing, one of the toughest things is to be a student athlete. I was very thankful to get through, and hopefully many more guys do too and keep on the journey."

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Credit: UPEI Panthers

Episode 7: Brendan Jacome Interview

"People were telling us we were gonna get smoked. But we went to camp and realized we had a bunch of pretty good players from all over the country. We're a pretty close team and gelled right away."

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Episode 6: Dylan Busenius Interview

"It doesn't matter how many people are in the stands, I still get nervous. I think that's just my connection with the game. I just really wanna win and I'm still excited to play every game, and I love the game."

Dylan_Busenius.jpeg (308 KB)
Credit: Calgary Dinos / David Moll

Episode 6: J.F. Damphousse Interview

"Judes Vallée, our coach, has been doing a great job of getting our kids prepared. It's been a ride so far, but we know we have a long way to go."

JF_Damphousse.jpg (359 KB)
Credit: Facebook / Aigles Bleus

Episode 5: Justin Brack Interview

"Ever since I was in high school I've always wanted to be a teacher. I've always been interested in teaching and helping kids. I've always liked doing that, especially going back to the OHL days when you do school visits and talk to the kids, I always loved doing that."

Justin_Brack.jpg (244 KB)
Photo: Brock Badgers / Stephen Leithwood

Episode 5: Liam Heelis Interview

"I was always interested in the sports psych and mental skills perspective of an athlete, being an athlete myself. I picked that up as a young guy."

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Episode 4: Hunter Garlent Interview

"Everything is just clicking right now, and we're comfortable with each other and we're as close off the ice as we are on the ice."

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Episode 3: Mathew Santos Interview

"Getting your schooling in and playing the game at a competitive level, I think it's always gonna help you regardless of where you are."

Mathew_Santos.jpg (122 KB)
Credit: Ryerson Rams / Christian Bender

Episode 3: Rob DeFulviis Interview

"We weren't winning, but we continued to have fun, and we continued to believe, and it paid off in the end."

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Episode 2: Sven Butenschon Interview

"I feel like I'm still learning every day, every week, every year because you're wearing so many hats."

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Photo: UBC Thunderbirds / Bob Frid

Episode 2: Cameron Critchlow Interview

"If you look, every other stall there's a guy who wore a letter for his junior team. I was extremely proud to be put into a category with all the other captains at UNB."

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Credit: U SPORTS / James West Photography

Episode 1: Jordon Cooke Interview

"I got to a point where I just started to enjoy the game, and I credit that to the Saskatchewan Huskies and Dave Adolph."

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Episode 1: Russ Herrington Interview

"It was an opportunity to fully understand the impact Mark Cross had on our program."

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