As a response to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, the U SPORTS Board of Directors has extended the moratorium on all in-person recruiting for its 12 sanctioned sports until further notice.

This moratorium includes all in-person recruiting visits (on- or off-campus official or unofficial visits) as well as the scheduling and rescheduling of any future in-person recruiting; no travel arrangements can be made with prospective student-athletes during the moratorium.

Recruitment by phone call, text message, social media, email, or other non-in-person mediums are permitted to continue during this blackout.

“This decision was made after taking into consideration information from member universities, and our Chief Medical Officer,” said Lisette Johnson-Stapley, U SPORTS Chief Sport Officer. “U SPORTS believes that this is the most prudent action to take to protect the health and well-being of prospective student-athletes, their families, coaches and university staff.”

U SPORTS will revisit this decision in the coming weeks to determine whether to extend this moratorium.

For more information on how U SPORTS is handling COVID-19, please click here.