U SPORTS is committed to KEEPING THE AWARENESS AND CONVERSATIONS GOING to ensure we are doing our part and using our platform through University Sport, to fight for equality!

U SPORTS has taken the time to internally reflect on our commitment to the Black Lives Matters movement and the fight against systemic racism in North America. We recognize the need to do better and more to show solidarity with our black community, to stand up against injustice and systematic racism. We will always be intolerant to racism and committed to diversity and inclusiveness, but we acknowledge and whole-heartedly agree that alone is not enough. 

Through reflection and having the difficult but necessary conversations, we as an organization are committed to:

  • Listening to our members, student-athletes, coaches and administrators of the black community to truly understand how we can be supportive in our national initiatives.
  • Reviewing our own internal practices around diversity and inclusion to ensure we are enforcing and proudly representing our communities. 

  • Organizing the formation of a designated committee comprised of student-athletes, coaches, administrators, academics, supporters and experts in this field with a mandate to specifically address and support the issues around injustice and racism especially in the black community. 

For any questions please contact us at communications@usports.ca