Special Events Annual Meeting and Conference


The U SPORTS Annual Meeting has ran for 40 years. A board of directors and a full-time staff of 13 employees collaborate with an extensive nationwide network of partners, sponsors, broadcasters, stakeholders, athletes and sport teams to govern U SPORTS.

The teams work together as one to achieve success through discipline, camarafere and eduacation. The spirit of U SPORTS is a culture that celebrates accomplishments and unforgettable moments through its community involvement. 

See below for information on past Annual meetings and how U SPORTS has grown over the years. 

Past Annual Meetings:

  • 2016 CIS Annual Meeting
  • 2015 CIS Annual Meeting
  • 2014 CIS Annual Meeting
  • 2013 CIS Annual Meeting
  • 2012 CIS Annual Meeting
  • 2011 CIS Annual Meeting
  • 2010 CIS Annual Meeting
  • 2009 CIS Annual Meeting