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Preliminary Event

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August 21-22, 2021

Swiss-Style Tournament (Day 1)

  • Date: August 21, 2021
  • Match Format: Best of One

During each round of the Swiss-Style tournament, teams will be randomly matched against other teams with an equal or nearly equal record (a “Win Group”).

For example, for Round Two, all teams with a 1-0 record will be matched against other teams with a 1-0 record and all teams with an 0-1 record will be matched against other teams with an 0-1 record. The number of rounds will be based on the minimum number of rounds required to determine the top eight teams.

Single Elimination Tournament and Finals (Day 2)

  • Date: August 22, 2021
  • Match Format: Quarterfinals and Semifinals, Best-of-1 / Finals, Best-of -3

The top eight Teams from day one will compete in a single elimination knockout tournament to determine the final results of the U SPORTS Tournament. Any Team that loses a Match during the single elimination tournament will be eliminated. Teams will be seeded based on a combination of the results of day one and their Initial Seeding.


The competition is open to full-time good standing students enrolled at an accredited university that is a recognized member of U SPORTS.

Playing Regulations 

Registration (open Aug. 6-21)