Women’s Basketball News

StFX X-Women basketball head coach Lee Anna Osei hasn't let the pandemic slow her down. In fact, she established and founded the Black Canadian Coaches Association (BCCA), a newly formed not-for-profit organization committed to providing a platform for Black Canadians in sport.

"I wanted some way of filling the voids for People of Colour in our sport community at the grassroots, collegiate, and high-performance levels," comments Osei, who recently completely her second full season as head coach of the X-Women.

"It is also difficult to support and communicate with one another, and with the tragic events of racial violence that took place earlier this year, I think it really became clear to many people across our country, and in our sports community, that there is a lot of work to be done."

Creating a tangible platform - a website to disrupt the negative narratives and instead celebrate the stories and accomplishments of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour [BIPOC] in the sports industry was the first step. "It is about coming together, along with our allies, as one broader sport community to identify, understand, and make a commitment to eradicate systemic and institutional oppression," Osei noted.

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