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Mambi Diawara's hard work, sacrifice and effort on the court has propelled the Montreal product to new heights

no matter how difficult or scary it can be, Mambi Diawara has never been afraid of taking the tougher road in life, and on the basketball court.

Growing up in the projects of downtown Montreal, QC, Diawara was exposed to an environment of drugs, gangs and violence. He had childhood friends that got caught up in it, but Diawara used basketball as his outlet and motivation to keep his mind focused on his goal of playing basketball at a high level.
Diawara’s dream was to play NCAA-Division-1 basketball, and while it didn’t come true, the winding path he took to get to playing for the Edmonton Stingers today is a tale of hard work and perseverance.
“It was really tough. The people I was around and grew up with are still doing those things. I had to make the decision to go down my own path,” Diawara said.
“I know where I come from and what I’ve experienced and seen, but I knew what I wanted to be and I had to separate myself from all of it.”