Women’s Curling News

The opening night of the U SPORTS Curling Championships in Fredericton, NB, has set the stage for an exciting five days of competition as sixteen teams hit the ice on Tuesday for the opening draws of round-robin play.

On the women’s side, the Alberta Pandas, Dalhousie Tigers, Waterloo Warriors, and Laurentian Voyageurs emerged victorious in the opening draw on Tuesday.

While on the men’s side, the UNB REDS, Laurier Golden Hawks, Guelph Gryphons, and Dalhousie Tigers came away with victories.

The defending USPORTS Champion Alberta Pandas defeated the host UNB REDS to open round-robin play. Despite a closely contested game with both teams trading points to start, the Pandas managed to pull away with a three-point end in the seventh. After a steal from the Pandas in the eighth, the REDS scored a single in the ninth before choosing to shake hands, resulting in Alberta securing a 9-6 win.

The Dalhousie Tigers cruised to an opening draw victory over the Mount Allison Mounties, 10-1. The Tigers began the match with a steal of two in the first end and a steal of one in the second. The teams exchanged single ends before the Tigers stole the next three ends, including a steal of three in the seventh, ultimately sealing the victory after the eighth end.

Despite conceding a triple in the opening end, the Waterloo Warriors fought back to defeat the McMaster Marauders, 12-9. The Warriors leveled the score with a triple in the sixth end before stealing a single in the seventh and a double in the eighth to take a 10-7 lead. McMaster scored a double in the ninth to narrow the gap, but a double in the tenth allowed the Warriors to close out the match, 12-9.

In a thrilling match to end the opening draw, the Laurentian Voyageurs edged out a victory against the Victoria Vikes. Despite the Vikes taking an early lead with three points in the third end, Laurentian rallied with a triple in the sixth to go ahead 7-6. The Vikes regained the lead with a single in the seventh and a steal of two in the eighth, making it 9-7. However, the Voyageurs responded with a triple in the ninth. Although the Vikes tied the game with a single in the tenth, Laurentian skip Bella Lehtimaki-Croisier sealed the win with a decisive draw to the button in extra ends, capturing an 11-10 victory.

In the evening men’s draw, the hometown REDS came away with a convincing 9-2 victory over the Brock Badgers. UNB opened the match with a double and added a second double end in the fifth before scoring four in the eighth end, leading to handshakes.

The Guelph Gryphons managed to secure a narrow victory over the Saint Mary’s Huskies in their opening match. The Gryphons kicked off the game with a single in the first end, followed by a steal in the second, giving them an early advantage. The teams traded singles before the Gryphons extended their lead to 6-2 with a double and another steal in subsequent ends. Although Nick Mosher's impressive draw in the ninth gave the Huskies hope with three points on the board, Saint Mary’s ultimately ran out of stones in the final end, resulting in a 7-5 win for Guelph.

In a closely contested match, the Laurier Golden Hawks emerged victorious against the Regina Cougars, clinching a 7-4 win. The teams battled back and forth before a crucial two-point steal by the Golden Hawks in the eighth end propelled Laurier to a 6-3 lead. Although the Cougars managed to score a single point in the eighth, bringing them within two, it wasn’t enough as Regina ran out of rocks in the tenth end, leading to a handshake between the teams.

It may have taken extra ends, but the Dalhousie Tigers were able to hold on to defeat the Alberta Golden Bears in the last men’s draw of opening day. The Tigers held an early lead, 5-1 at the halfway mark, thanks to a steal of two in the fifth end. Alberta came on strong in the second half, though, scoring a double in the sixth end and stealing three in the seventh to tie the game. The Golden Bears then scored a double in the ninth end to take their first lead of the night, 8-6. But the Tigers responded in the tenth end, scoring a double of their own, forcing extra ends where they would edge out Alberta with a single, taking the match, 9-8.

All 16 teams will hit the ice twice tomorrow, with the women kicking things off with draw three at 8:30 am and again in draw five at 4:30 pm while the men begin their day at 12:30 pm and will provide the nightcap in draw six beginning at 8:30 pm.


  1. Waterloo Warriors 1-0
  2. Laurentian Voyageurs 1-0
  3. Dalhousie Tigers 1-0
  4. Alberta Pandas 1-0
  5. Victoria Vikes 0-1
  6. McMaster Marauders 0-1
  7. UNB REDS 0-1
  8. Mount Allison Mounties 0-1


  1. Guelph Gryphons 1-0
  2. Laurier Golden Hawks 1-0
  3. UNB REDS 1-0
  4. Dalhousie Tigers 1-0
  5. Regina Cougars 0-1
  6. Saint Mary’s Huskies 0-1
  7. Alberta Golden Bears 0-1
  8. Brock Badgers 0-1