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Forward became Canada's first Black Olympic player in 1984

Darren Lowe isn't in the Hockey Hall of Fame. But his jersey is, thanks to Will Tudoroff.

Tudoroff recently gave the Hall the red and white jersey that Lowe wore at the 1984 Sarajevo Olympics, when he quietly made history as Canada's first Black Olympic hockey player.

"In my discussions with the Hall of Fame I said, 'You guys need this more than I do because I think it's really important that people of color -- and that goes into the Indigenous population as well as any person of color -- that it should be part of the Hall of Fame collection," said Tudoroff, a Hamilton, Ontario, native who lives in Athens, Georgia. "You get a Black Canadian kid that goes to the Hall of Fame and sees Jarome Iginla's jersey, sees Darren Lowe's jersey, sees Grant Fuhr's goalie mask and says, 'Hey, I can be just like them -- they represented Canada.'"

Lowe's appearance in the Winter Olympics was one of several hockey firsts for the 59-year-old Toronto resident, who played briefly in the NHL and enjoyed a lengthy career as a college hockey coach in Canada. Lowe returned to the University of Toronto as an assistant in 1992, was named coach in 1995-96 and is believed to be the first Black person to lead a Canadian college team, a storied one at that.

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