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“Where are you from?”

It’s a simple question, one that I’ve heard hundreds of times.

Mostly, it’s asked of me by white people of all ages and gender.

But, it’s almost always a question met with confusion when I answer.

“Canada,” I say.

 “No, like what are you?”

“What are you?” Those words ring in my head.

Youthful me never understood why I was constantly being asked that question, but now I understand the question runs deeper than the person asking it may even know.

It’s 2020. We live in an era of incredible advancement, yet, at this moment, I feel as though we’ve regressed, or we’ve reached a social standstill?

Like so many generations before, we are yet again exposed to the continuous cycle of racism and systemic oppression. It’s a time where I am constantly reminded that my skin colour speaks for me before I’m able to utter a sound. It’s a time when people like me are not safe from discrimination while enjoying public parks, jogs around our neighbourhoods, or the same protection from those sworn to serve and protect us all.

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