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When Cory Bent moved from England to Nova Scotia in 2016 to play U SPORTS soccer at Cape Breton University, he definitely didn’t have his sights set on securing a professional deal in Canada.

“Before I came here there was no talk of a (Canadian) Premier League that I was aware of. . . But then as the years kept going on it started to become more of a possible reality.”

Of course, the rumblings had existed for years, but they may not have reached as far as Cape Breton.

Bent, 22 years old, was the first overall pick in the CPL-U SPORTS Draft last November, as the Wanderers selected him in a draft that also saw three of his Capers teammates picked. He was officially unveiled by the Wanderers on Monday, making the Halifax side the first team to officially sign one of their 2019 CPL-U SPORTS Draft picks to a contract.

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