Men’s Soccer News

The 2021 CPL-U SPORTS Draft will take place on Friday (3pm ET live on CanPL.caOneSoccer, and @CPLSoccer), an event that will see another 16 Canadian university athletes welcomed into the professional fold.

A total of 48 players have declared for the Draft. FC Edmonton has the first pick, with the “snake draft” format following results from the 2020 CPL season.

Below is a list of all the players available for Friday’s draft.  The final prospect list is a compilation of CPL Football Development scouting, U SPORTS Coach recommendations and CPL Coach recommendations, feedback and input that is narrowed down to a final list of invitations to players to declare.

Cape Breton Capers, Mount Royal Cougars, UBC Thunderbirds, and Carleton Ravens lead the way with five eligible players each, including former draftees Charlie Waters (Valour FC), Stefan Karajovanovic (York United), Mohamed El Gandour (Cavalry FC), Gabriel Bitar (Cavalry FC), and Thomas Gardner (Pacific FC). A total of 19 players are eligible to wrack up under-21 minutes in the CPL next season.

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◊ – Player considered an under-21 for 2021 CPL season (born on or after Jan. 1, 2000)


Nikolas Baikas MF Saskatchewan  
Euan Bauld DF Cape Breton  
Jacob Begley DF Ontario Tech
Gabriel Bitar FW Carleton  
Christopher Campoli FW Ontario Tech
David Chung MF Alberta
Dario Conte MF Carleton  
Noah Cunningham DF Alberta  
Miguel Da Rocha MF Mount Royal  
Mohamed El Gandour FW Mount Royal
Jackson Farmer DF British Columbia  
Luka Frankovich DF Waterloo
Colin Gander DF Guelph
Thomas Gardner MF British Columbia  
Jacob Grant FW Memorial
Ben Grondin GK Dalhousie  
Markus Kaiser DF British Columbia
Daniel Kaiser DF British Columbia
Stefan Karajovanovic FW Carleton  
Ethan Keen DF Mount Royal
Reggie Laryea DF York  
Christopher Lee DF Brtish Columbia
Victor Loturi MF Mount Royal
Cian Lynch FW Cape Breton  
Cristopher Malekos DF Carleton  
Kai Martin DF Ryerson
Alex Meczarski DF Ryerson  
Garven-Michée Metusala MF Concordia  
Tony Mikhael DF Carleton
Tristan Nkoghe FW New Brunswick  
Soji Olatoye FW York  
Nicholas Osorio MF Toronto  
Guillaume Pianelli-Balisoni DF UQTR  
Jan Pirretas Glasmacher DF Thompson Rivers  
Danial Rafisamii DF Ontario Tech
José Maria Ribeiro da Cunha DF Cape Breton  
Caden Rogozinski DF Mount Royal
Dalin Saheb FW McGill  
Jack Sears MF Guelph
Victory Shumbusho FW British Columbia  
Kareem Sow DF Montreal
Gino Temguia MF Sherbrooke  
Artem Tesker MD Toronto  
Charlie Waters FW Cape Breton  
Jamie Watson DF Cape Breton  
Justin Yarde MF Ontario Tech
Yuba-Rayane Yesli GK Montreal  
Emmanuel Zambazis MF York