Men’s Soccer News

Following the Canadian Premier League’s announcement that the 2022 CPL-U SPORTS Draft will be held next Thursday, January 20 (at 8 pm ET, streamed live on the CPL’s social media channels), the league has revealed the full list of players eligible to be selected.

The list is made up of student-athletes from universities across Canada, with all four U SPORTS conferences — the OUA, RSEQ, AUS, and Canada West — represented. Atlético Ottawa has the first pick in both of the eight-team draft rounds this year, which is seeded in reverse order of CPL clubs’ finish in the 2021 standings.

Here is every player in contention for the 2022 CPL-U SPORTS Draft.



ABRAHART, Joseph WM MacEwan University 2000
AGYEKUM, Akwasi DM Thompson Rivers University 2002
AJIBADE, Abass DM  Macewan University 1995
ALSHAKMAN, Mohamed CM McMaster University 2002
ANDO, Kensho WM UNBC 1998
ARTEMENKO, Svyatoslav GK University of Guelph 2000
ASSAF, Daniel FW Carleton University 2001
BAUER MARR, Aidan CB Western University 1999
BEGLEY, Jacob CB Ontario Tech University 2000
BEKWAYO, Kuhle CM University of Saskatchewan 2001
BENQUET, Loic LB University of Northern British Columbia 2001
BHATTI, Humza AM  York University 1999
BITAR, Gabriel FW Carleton University 1998
BOOTH, Lucas DM Queen’s University 2002
BOSCH, Jakob CM University of Alberta 2000
BOSETTI, Nolan CB Brock University 2000
BOUE, Alexandre AM  McMaster University 1999
BRENNAN, Zane WM Acadia 1999
BRUCE, Julien WM  University of Montreal 1999
CAMPOLI, Christopher AM Ontario Tech University 2001
CARLOS, Jacob CM  Ryerson University 2001
CARTER, Harry CB  Memorial University 2000
CHAMBERS, Rhys GK Mount Allison University 2003
CHANNER, Marcus DM McMaster University 2001
CHO, Jason WM Queen’s University 2001
CHOW, Nathan WM UPEI 2001
CHUNG, David WM  University of Alberta 2001
CISSE, Aboubacar WM University of Northern British Columbia 1998
CLARKE, Daniel GK Cape Breton University 2003
COLLENS, Liam GK University of Alberta 2001
COLLINS, Jack RB  Nipissing University 1999
COLYN, Sebastian GK  Trinity Western University 1999
COMBA, Ricky CM  Carleton University 1999
CONTE, Dario CM Carleton University 1997
COORE, Kairo FW Cape Breton University 2001
DE CUNHA, Jose CB Cape Breton University 2001
DEBISON-LARABIE, Carson DM Cape Breton University 2001
DOLO, Emmanuel WM  Memorial University 1999
DOMIC, Dane CM Mount Royal University 1998
DORSCHEID, Alexander GK University of Alberta 2001
DRON, Demian CB University of Northern British Columbia 2001
DUDEK, Dawid WM Mount Royal University 2001
EL GANDOUR, Mohamed WM  Mount Royal University 2000
ENES, Michael CM MacEwan University 2001
FERGUSON, Ian CB Queen’s University 2003
FIELD, Damon CB  University of Lethbridge 2001
FRASER, James FW Thompson Rivers University 1996
FREEMAN, Sean FW Saint Mary’s University 2003
GAJIC, Stefan CM MacEwan University 2000
GANDER, Colin LB University of Guelph 2000
GARCIA, Raphel RB  Carleton University 1999
GARDNER, Jackson GK  Thompson Rivers University 2000
GEHLERT, Eric LB University of Alberta 2002
GNALY, Bryan WM Sherbrooke 2002
GOERTZEN, Rees CB University of Victoria 2000
GRANT, Jacob FW  Memorial University 2000
GREEN, Luke CB StFX 2002
GRIFFITH, Tyler GK University of Alberta 2002
GUERRIERI, Sebastian WM University of Waterloo 2000
HALL, Fergus CB StFX 20002
HAMAD, Tareq RB Carleton University 1997
HARGEST, Matthew LB Memorial University 2001
HIDALGO-MAZZEI, Aaron LB  University of Saskatchewan 1997
HO, Michael RB MacEwan University 2000
HONEYMAN-WOOTTON, Quinn DM Carleton University 1998
HOOPER, Dylan RM  Thompson Rivers University 1998
HORACE PATIENT, Sobze Zemo GK  Laval University 1993
HUSKIC, Adam CB University of Calgary 2000
IDRIZI, Rilind CM University of Alberta 2000
JOHAL, Parmpreet AM University of Guelph 2001
KAFEERO, Moses RB Carleton University 2001
KAISER, Markus CM University of British Columbia 2001
KALLOGHLIAN, Nare WM Concordia University 1999
KENNEDY, Jack RB StFX 1999
KERR, Sterling GK Mount Royal University 2000
KILBRIDE, Cameron CM Cape Breton University 2002
KOBZA, Eryk DM University of Calgary 2001
LAMONT, Adyn CB  University of Alberta 2002
LEFEVRE, Lohan CM University of Montreal 2000
LIEBICH, Niklas CM Mount Royal University 2001
LORENC-CLARKE, Elijah WM Ontario Tech University 2000
LYN, Raine CM  Cape Breton University 2001
LYNCH, Cian FW Cape Breton University 1999
MALHI, Harkirat LB University of Alberta 2000
MANSARAY, Lahai FW University of Alberta 1997
MARCECA, Nunzio RB Laurentian University 2000
MARQUES, Mateo CM Ontario Tech University 1999
MARTIN, Kai RB Ryerson university 2000
MARTINEZ, Luis AM University of Alberta 2002
MARZOUK, Omar WM York University 1998
MATTILA, Matthew GK  Ontario Tech University 1999
MAY, Alex GK Brock University 1999
MAZAHERI, Alvin Pedersen FW  MacEwan University 2001
MAZZOTTA, Scott WM  Carleton University 1999
MCKAY, Bennett GK  University of British Columbia 2002
MELLO, Matheus AM University of Waterloo 2002
MENARD, Jeremy FW Laval University 1999
MERCER, Colby WM  Mount Allison University 2003
METO, Alban CB Carleton University 2000
MILAMBO, Issac WM MacEwan University 2003
MINERS, Ryan GK  Nipissing University 2000
MOHAMMED, Ahmed FW University of Saskatchewan 1999
MOHASAR, Hasan CB  Carleton University 1995
MONTAGILANI, Giuliano DM UBC Okanagan 2001
MONTEIRO, Matthew CB McMaster University 1998
MORTAS, Paul LB University of Montreal 2000
MULAMA, Aaron LB UBCO 1999
MULDER, Tyrone FW Western University 1998
MUNRO, Austin FB Nipissing University 2001
NAFAR, Mohammad Reza AM Concordia University 1996
NKOGHE, Tristan FW  University of British Columbia 1997
O’BRIEN, Mitchell CM Carleton University 1994
OLANIYI, Afeez FW  University of Calgary 1994
OLATOYE, Soji WM York University 1999
ONYEJELEM, Garry WM University of Alberta 2000
PABLA, Jaytin RB York University 2001
PALMER, Rachaun RB York University 1997
PARKER, Adam WM  University of Alberta 2000
PATINO, Carlos AM University of Alberta 1995
PAUMIER, Quentin AM University of Montreal 1998
PERRAS, Mason GK MacEwan University 2000
PHELPS, Anthony AM Concordia University 2000
PHELPS, Brandon RB Concordia University 2002
PICHE, Taylor RB UBCO 1999
PLENZIK, Gianmarco CM University of Calgary 2002
POPOOLA, Raqeeb FW University of Alberta 2002
POTTER, Kyle GK Carleton University 2000
RAFISAMII, Danial CM Ontario Tech University 2001
RAGAGNIN, Luca CB Brock University 2000
RENNIE, Dylan WM University of Guelph 1999
RICCI, Luca CM  University of Montreal 1998
RINALDI, Jonathan CM Thompson Rivers University 2002
ROGOZINSKI, Caden CB Mount Royal University 2002
ROSENLUND, Mikkel CB Thompson Rivers University 2000
ROSSI, Christian FW Trinity Western University 2002
RUSHENAS, Aiden GK Dalhousie 2003
SAGNO, Daniel RB  Thompson Rivers University 1998
SATTO, Dylan CM University of Windsor 1999
SCHAEFER, David FW Mount Royal University 1999
SHUMBUSHO, Victory WM University of British Columbia 1998
SIEGEL, Marc RB Laval University 2000
SILWAMBA, Yeshua GK Trinity Western University 2002
SINGH, Sukhman GK University of Northern British Columbia 1997
SMITH-DOYLE, Gareth FW University of Calgary 2002
SOUALEM, Doryan CB Laval University 2000
STOLAR, Anthony LB Cape Breton University 2003
SYLLA, Mohamadou CM University of Montreal 1995
TAKACS, Grant FW  University of New Brunswick 1999
TORRESAN, Brandon CM Trinity Western University 2003
TORRESAN, Tristan CM Trinity Western University 2001
TUCK, Aidan CM UBC Okanagan 2000
TZIMAS, George GK  York University 2000
VERONES, Jordan CB University of Saskatchewan 1999
VILFORT, Jadon CB   York University 2000
VILLENEUVE, Olivier RB Laval University 2001
WALCZAK, Marek GK University of Guelph 2000
WATSON, Jamie RB  Cape Breton University 1999
WHIBLEY, Ian FW University of Victoria 1997
WILLIAMS, Daniel WM  Cape Breton University 1998
YARDE, Justin WM Ontario Tech University 2001
YASSIN, Rakan WM  Macewan University 2000
 YILDIZ, Ali  DM MacEwan University 2004
 ZORBAS, Perry  FB University of Waterloo 2000