Women’s Swimming News

Tom Johnson saw qualities in Savannah King that he believed could one day turn her into a fine swim coach.

As long as it didn’t entail getting into the pool early in the day.

“Candidly, she wasn’t the most coachable person in the mornings,” the Canadian national team coach revealed. “You could see that it wasn’t necessarily the thing she wanted to do at six o’clock in the morning.

“Once she got past that, she was relentless and really, really great at buying into a program and following it all the way through.”

“I’m not much of a morning person, that’s true,” King said with a laugh. “Tom does always tell it like it is, that’s for sure. Getting up in the morning to stand on a pool deck rather than jump in a cold pool, I think, is a lot easier.”

King, a two-time Canadian Olympian, has been a member of the McGill University swim staff for the past couple of seasons and on Monday was selected to the U Sports Female Apprentice Coach Program. Eighteen former student-athletes were chosen for the program, the objective being to increase the number of females in coaching positions across Canadian universities.

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