Women’s Volleyball News

Twice in her athletic career Kamila Haase has had to make a decision that would drastically alter her future; the first came in high school when she decided to pursue volleyball as her main sport. The second, was making the conscience decision to go pro.
On June 14th her determination came to fruition as it was announced that she signed a professional contract with Hungarian club MÁV Elore Sport Club.
"I'm still over the moon about it", exclaimed the now professional athlete. "This is what I worked so hard for."
It was this time last year that she took a moment to reflect on her athletic journey up to that point. At the end of her third-year with the Marauders, during some rigorous summer training – the best stretch of training she had gone through in her career at the time – Haase decided she was going to play her cards to see what the sport had in store for her. She was determined to sign pro.
But to understand the mindset of the Hungary-bound middle blocker, you'd have to go back as far as her high school career.

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