Women’s Wrestling News

Michelle Fazzari can thank her mom Debbie for getting a chance to represent Ontario at the 2005 Canada Summer Games in Regina, Saskatchewan.

A coach with the Hamilton Wrestling Club, Chris Fraser, told the 33-year-old Caledonia native’s mom to take her to a qualifying tournament while she was still in high school.

“I didn't have a team and I was just getting into the sport. I had no idea what it was for,” the Brock Wrestling Club member said. “We were surprised that I even made the finals and then they brought us to a room and gave us a package for the Canada Summer Games.”

The news eventually sank in for the 2016 Olympian.

“It was like ‘wow, I get to go on this tour and be a part of this team.’ That is when I realized what was going on and it was the turning point in my wrestling career.

“That is when I started to take wrestling seriously.”

That career would see her win national titles, represent Canada at the world championships, the Pan Am, Francophone and Commonwealth Games, and compete at the Olympics.

And it was all sparked by her appearance at the 2005 Canada Summer Games.

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