Natation Féminine Nouvelles

The expansion Toronto Titans face LA Current, fellow ISL newcomers the Tokyo Frog Kings, and Aqua Centurions in their opening match at the Duna Arena in the Hungarian capital of Budapest on October 24-25.

“I do feel quite confident that we are flat out going to beat several of the other established teams and make the playoffs nicely,” says Titans general manager Robert Kent. “We have a great team of swimmers and great team chemistry, which can’t be understated.”

The Titans’ squad - loaded with U SPORTS swimmers past and present - is captained by former Toronto Varsity Blues star Kylie Masse, a Rio 2016 Olympic bronze medalist and reigning World Champion in the 100m backstroke, and 37-year-old Brent Hayden, who won bronze in the 100m freestyle at the London 2012 Olympics and swam for the Victoria Vikes. 

With a core of 11 swimmers who compete for the Canadian national team, the ISL will have plenty of traction with audiences across the country when the action airs on national broadcaster CBC Sports.

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