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In a little over two years, U SPORTS men’s soccer has become a key pipeline for Canadian soccer talent.

The ongoing CPL-U SPORTS Draft, which is set to return in January of next year, has brought 17 players to the Canadian Premier League, many of which are considered some of the league’s brightest stars.

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January’s draft will consist of two rounds, with eight picks in each round and each CPL club making two selections. All 16 draftees will be invited to their club’s pre-season training camp ahead of the 2021 CPL campaign.

A total of 13 players made the jump to CPL clubs in 2019, surprising coaches and Canadian soccer onlookers, making key contributions in the CPL’s inaugural season. A total of 12 former picks made at least one appearance during the 2020 season at The Island Games in PEI, further showing how valuable Canada’s university circuit is.

Here are the top CPL-U SPORTS Draft picks, ranked by impact at the CPL level.

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