Championship logos

In 2019, U SPORTS launched a new championship logo system.

Logos for the market-driven U SPORTS hockey, basketball and volleyball championships incorporate colours inspired by the field of play while integrating iconic landmarks that resonate with the host cities and communities welcoming the national championships.

All remaining championships – women’s field hockey, women’s rugby, men’s and women’s soccer, cross country, swimming, wrestling, track and field, and curling – encompass the sport-specific colour and elements from the respective sport itself. This is illustrated through a primary logo, a secondary banner logo, and a wordmark, enabling multiple usage opportunities for the host schools and community.

These championships may join the market-driven sports with local iconic imagery as the new logo system evolves over the coming years.

2022 Championship logos

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Vanier Cup - Biligual (PNG) PNG

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Vanier Cup - Bilingual (PDF) PDF