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Commercial Committee


The Committee’s role is to assist management in developing a commercial vision, reviewing strategies for implementing a stronger business model for U SPORTS, and validating and advocating that vision and model to U SPORTS’ members and stakeholders. Specifically, the Committee will take a consistent and holistic approach to marketing, brand management and promotions, communications, broadcast, sponsorship, and events/competitions/awards. 

The Committee is an advisor to management on all commercial matters. The Committee may make recommendations to the CEO, which recommendations may be shared with the Board. 

The Committee shall establish the following Commercial Sub-Committees: Marketing/Brand/Promotions, Communications, Broadcast, Sponsorship, and Events/Competitions/Awards; the Committee may establish other sub-committees or task forces to deal with specific issues in relation to the mandate of the Committee.

Marketing/Brand/Promotions Subcommittee

Communications Subcommittee

Broadcast Subcommittee

Sponsorship Subcommittee

Events/Competitions/Awards Subcommittee