Men’s Basketball News

U SPORTS sits down with one key athlete, coach, and staff member of each U SPORTS athletic program in our interview series “Getting to know…”

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  • Name: Myles Charvis
  • School: Ryerson University
  • Sport: Basketball
  • Position: Guard
  • Year of eligibility: 5th
  • Program: Business Management
  • Hometown: Mississauga, Ont.

1. What attracted you to Ryerson University?

Initially it was the overall Basketball Program. Ryerson has had a history of excellence when it comes to athletics as a whole and I wanted to be part of it. Also, having the Ted Rogers school of Management made it a win-win situation for me.

2. What’s your favourite memory, and your greatest athletic achievement as a U SPORTS student-athlete?

My favourite memory so far has been when we won our back-to-back OUA gold medals. Although I wasn’t part of the first championship, it was amazing to be able to help bring another one to the school the year after. Greatest athletic achievement has been getting to the national championship game two years in a row and also being named to the OUA All-Rookie Team my first season.

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3. Where are you hoping your path will take you after university?

The goal is to try and use basketball as a vehicle to get overseas and play pro. I always wanted to see how far I would be able to take playing basketball and I believe playing pro is the next step.

4. Who’s had the greatest influence on your athletic career?

My father has definitely been the biggest influence in my athletic career. As far back as I can remember, he’s always been coaching. He has been my coach from Grade 2 all the way up to my last year of high school and still continues to coach kids in the Mississauga community, so definitely my dad.

5. Who is someone in the sports world, past or present, with whom you’d love to have dinner with? Why?

Either Kobe Bryant or Allen Iverson. Kobe because I would love to pick his brain about his approach to the game of basketball. And Iverson because of the way he transformed the overall basketball culture. Plus, he is my favourite player of all time.

6. What is your pre-game ritual? Do you have any superstitions/idiosyncrasies around preparing yourself for a game?

My pre-game ritual starts with a good breakfast, probably some eggs and bacon, followed by going to our pre-game shoot to get my mind and body right for the game in the evening. After that, I usually eat Freshii for my pre-game meal. I try to get at least a 30-minute nap in, I don’t want it to be too long so I’m sluggish for the game. And I’ve recently started to dip my hands in wax before our home games to soften them up. Music is always involved all day in my headphones.

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7. What’s your go-to song to get pumped up for practice or a game?

Anything that’s Gunna, Lil Baby, or A Boogie

8. What’s your favourite social media account to follow?

House of Highlights

9. If you could try another sport, what would it be and why?

Probably soccer because I played when I was younger so I have some experience. And I was also pretty good naturally.

10. What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you as an athlete?

Going to practice with just my compression shorts on because I forgot to put my shorts on top and no one said anything.