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U SPORTS unveiled on October 20th, 2016. Canadian university sports have come of age over the past 110 storied years. Now, we track the future under a bold new name: U SPORTS. One title, instantly recognizable and identical in both French and English, with one goal: To give our student-athletes and national championships the visibility, appreciation and reward they deserve.

The original CIAU Central was founded in 1906 and existed until 1955, composed only of universities from Ontario and Quebec. The period from 1906-1919 saw the development of university sport on university campuses across the country. The semi-national organization, CIAU Central, provided common rules and regulations. In June 2001, the membership of the CIAU voted to change the name and logo of the organization to Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS). This new name more accurately reflect the mission and function of the organization.

Like CIAU and CIS, U SPORTS will continue its role as the leader of university sports in Canada. But we are becoming much more. The U SPORTS brand aims to create a massive change in the way Canadians see university sports in the digital era. Our commitment is to revitalize our place in the national sport conversation by using every technology possible to highlight, celebrate, and present the accomplishments of these remarkable young individuals who pursue the toughest double major of all. Full-time scholar and full-time athlete.

Follow the timeline below for a complete history of university sport in Canada.

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