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Today, we shape tomorrow

Canadian university sports have come of age over the past 110 storied years. Now, we track the future under the name of U SPORTS. One title, instantly recognizable and identical in both French and English, with one goal: To give our student-athletes and national championships the visibility, appreciation and reward they deserve.


University sport in Canada underwent a significant transformation in October, 2016 when Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) re-branded as U SPORTS. The organization’s switch to a bilingual name was followed by an engagement-first social media philosophy, an exciting new website that focuses on promoting our student-athletes and their stories, as well as an emphasis on uniting 56 universities and four regional conferences under a national brand.  

U SPORTS is one title that is instantly recognizable and identical in both French and English, with one goal: to give our extraordinary athletic performers the place they deserve both at the top of the podium—and the top of every Canadian’s sports-watching agenda. 

Like our predecessor organizations, CIAU and CIS, U SPORTS continues our role in the administration of competitive sports conducted between member institutions. But as with any 21st century organization, U SPORTS is much more.

Besides on the playing fields, the heart of our new brand is found on a single digital channel – usports.ca. For fans, it provides news and enhanced opportunities for watching live-streamed events. Competitors have their own section where we have centralized the total information structure of university sport. Our commitment is to provide each student-athlete, coach, and organizer with a seamless interface that can access every form of information and engagement they require. At the same time, U SPORTS will continue to expand our presence through enhanced broadcast and digital platforms.

Mostly, though, think of U SPORTS as a new way to highlight and celebrate our remarkable student-athletes. The young men and women who pursue the toughest double major of all: full-time scholar and full-time athlete. The ones who, some day, just might get to say, "I won a U SPORTS National Championship.”

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