Men’s Track & Field News

After conference championship weekend, Guelph Gryphons continued their run of dominance, sitting atop the playoff table this week, head and shoulders above their competition at 124.5 points. The top three remain unchanged from last week, with No. 2 Toronto at 70 points and No. 3 Manitoba at 61.5 points keeping their spots. Only teams still participating in conference playoffs or qualified for the U SPORTS championship are eligible to be listed in the U SPORTS playoff rankings.

No. 4 Laval and No. 5 Western swapped places, as did No. 6 Windsor and No. 7 Saskatchewan. No. 8 Alberta, No. 9 McMaster, and No. 10 Montréal all held their spots from last week to complete this week’s rankings.

All teams are now preparing for the U SPORTS championships in Saskatoon on March 9-11.

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