Board of Directors


  • In all its actions, demonstrate commitment to the vision, mission, values and strategic plan of the U SPORTS;
  • Maintain authority over, and responsibility for, the systems and structures employed by U SPORTS to direct and manage its general operations;
  • Approve strategies, plans, policies and procedures that guide U SPORTS and provide direction for management and all Committees;
  • Ensure that longer-term strategic plans and annual operating plans for U SPORTS are in place;
  • Ensure that there are sufficient and appropriate human and financial resources for U SPORTS to accomplish its work;
  • Fulfill all legal requirements that pertain to Directors and the Board;  Remain attentive to the changing needs of U SPORTS' membership and key stakeholders; and
  • Operate as a unified corporate body, speaking with one voice through formal motions adopted at its meetings.

Joanne_MacLean_(2020).jpg (78 KB)

Dr. Joanne MacLean

Chair and President Representative
Canada West

John_Richard_(2020).jpg (363 KB)

John Richard

Vice Chair and Director Representative
Atlantic University Sport

John_Olfert_(2019).png (2.13 MB)

John Olfert

Treasurer and Member at large

Christine_Stapleton_(2019).png (3.43 MB)

Christine Stapleton

Secretary and Director Representative
Ontario University Athletics

Dr_Steven_Murphy.jpg (192 KB)

Dr. Steven Murphy

President Representative
Ontario University Athletics

Graham_Carr_(2020).jpg (142 KB)

Dr. Graham Carr

President Representative
Réseau du sport étudiant du Québec

Peter_J_Ricketts_(2020).jpg (34 KB)

Dr. Peter J. Ricketts

President Representative
Atlantic University Sport

Curtis_Atkinson_(2020).jpg (1.49 MB)

Curtis Atkinson

Director Representative
Canada West

Geoff_Phillips.png (67 KB)

Geoff Phillips

Director Representative
Réseau du sport étudiant du Québec

Dick_White.png (184 KB)

Dick White

Interim Chief Executive Officer (non-voting)