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Sport Medicine & Research Science Committee


The Committee will ‘provide expertise and leadership to U SPORTS in order to promote a healthy and safe environment for student athletes and coaches through research, education, collaboration and policy development’. The committee will collaborate with medical and sports medicine organizations, experts in the field and member schools to create best practices, recommendations, research agendas and educational resources to assist member schools in providing for student athlete health and safety. The committee will seek approval on recommendations and policy revisions from expert advisors and its sub-committees and working groups.

“To promote and develop safety, excellence and wellness in university student-athletes, and to foster lifelong physical and mental development.”

Chair:  Dr. Taryn Taylor – 3-year term

  • The Chair will be appointed by the Chief Sports Officer and Chief Executive Officer at U SPORTS.
  • The Chair possesses knowledge of university sport and general medical knowledge and experience from working with U SPORTS organizations.  
Committee Members
Chair Dr. Taryn Taylor (Carleton)
CW Rep Dr. Steve Martin (Victoria)
OUA Rep Dr. Lindsay Bradley (Carleton)
RSEQ Rep Dr. Penny Baylis (McGill)
AUS Rep Dr. David Cudmore (StFX)
CCUPEKA Rep Brian Roy (Brock)
Mental Health Specialist Dr. Carla Edwards (Sport Psychiatrist)
Therapist Representatives  
CW Natalie Ghobrial (Trinity Western)
OUA Andrea Prieur (Toronto)
RSEQ Sean Christensen (Concordia)
U SPORTS STAFF Lisette Johnson-Stapley
U SPORTS STAFF Jenna Blackburn

2021-22 Sport Medicine & Research Science Committee Report