Roger Neilson’s Coaches Clinic

Roger Neilson’s Coaches Clinic

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Official Coaches Clinic of U SPORTS Hockey

Roger Neilson was inducted into the Hockey Hall Of Fame in 2002 as a Builder of the game of hockey – a truer statement was never spoken - he was a true builder of the game.Roger was known as an innovator and colourful coach who tested boundaries at every level of sport from grassroots baseball to Major Junior Hockey to the NHL. During a lifelong commitment to hockey, Roger Neilson developed these four main coaching principles: Establish a good relationship with the team, Be prepared and organized, Defend and defend well, and Make them believe both in you and themselves.In 1988, the Roger Neilson’s Coaches Clinic was created as a way to help other coaches. A teacher by trade, Roger’s passion was providing opportunities for coaches and players to learn from the best in the business. Roger’s values and sense of family continue to this day as the Coaches Clinic enters into its 32nd year.Roger Neilson’s Coaches is the Official Coaches Clinic of U SPORTS. For more information on the clinic, please visit


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