Championships Women’s Volleyball


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The championship trophy was donated in 1977 by the Great Plains Athletic Conference. The two-wheeled oxcart, which is mounted on the trophy, is a famous symbol of the pioneer era on the Red River, the nucleus of the Province of Manitoba.

Past Champions

* Unofficial championship

Date champions Results Recap host
2019-20 Cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic Calgary
2018-19 UBC Results Recap Alberta
2017-18 Ryerson Results Recap Laval
2016-17 UBC Results Recap Ryerson
2015-16 Toronto Results Recap Brandon
2014-15 Trinity Western Results Recap Toronto
2013-14 Manitoba Results Recap Regina
2012-13 UBC Results Recap Sherbrooke
2011-12 UBC Results Recap McMaster
2010-11 UBC Results   Laval
2009-10 UBC Results   Alberta
2008-09 UBC Results   UNB
2007-08 UBC Results   UNB
2006-07 Alberta Results   Calgary
2005-06 Laval Results   Calgary
2004-05 Sherbrooke Results   Saskatchewan
2003-04 Calgary Results   Saskatchewan
2002-03 Sherbrooke Results   Laval
2001-02 Manitoba Results   Laval
2000-01 Manitoba Results   Manitoba
1999-00 Alberta Results   Winnipeg
1998-99 Alberta Results   Alberta
1997-98 Alberta Results   Alberta
1996-97 Alberta Results   Alberta
1995-96 Alberta Results   Toronto
1994-95 Alberta Results   Alberta
1993-94 Calgary Results   Winnipeg
1992-93 Winnipeg Results   Laval
1991-92 Manitoba Results   York
1990-91 Manitoba Results   Calgary
1989-90 Manitoba Results   Windsor
1988-89 Calgary Results   Saskatchewan
1987-88 Winnipeg Results   Sherbrooke
1986-87 Winnipeg Results   Winnipeg
1985-86 Winnipeg Results   Moncton
1984-85 Winnipeg Results   York
1983-84 Winnipeg Results   Laval
1982-83 Winnipeg Results   UBC
1981-82 Dalhousie Results   Dalhousie
1980-81 Saskatchewan Results   Victoria
1979-80 Saskatchewan Results   Saskatchewan
1978-79 Saskatchewan Results   McMaster
1977-78 UBC Results   Moncton
1976-77 UBC Results   Waterloo
1975-76 Western Results   Manitoba / Winnipeg
1974-75 Western Results   Laval
1973-74 UBC Results   UBC
1972-73 UBC Results   Acadia
1971-72 Western Results   Laurentian
1970-71 Manitoba Results   Calgary
1969-70 Calgary* Results   Waterloo