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The University Cup was presented by Queen's University and the Royal Military College of Canada - participants in the first organized interuniversity hockey game played in Kingston, Ont. in 1885 - in recognition of the contribution made to the game of hockey by outstanding university players.s.

Past Champions

2017-18 Alberta Results Recap Serge Lajoie UNB Bulletin
2016-17 UNB Results   Gardiner MacDougall UNB  
2015-16 UNB Results   Gardiner MacDougall Saint Mary's  
2014-15 Alberta Results   Ian Herbers StFX  
2013-14 Alberta Results   Ian Herbers Saskatchewan  
2012-13 UNB Results   Gardiner MacDougall Saskatchewan  
2011-12 McGill Results   Kelly Nobes UNB  
2010-11 UNB Results   Gardiner MacDougall UNB  
2009-10 Saint Mary's     Trevor Stienburg Lakehead  
2008-09 UNB     Gardiner MacDougall Lakehead  
2007-08 Alberta     Eric Thurston Moncton  
2006-07 UNB     Gardiner MacDougall Moncton  
2005-06 Alberta     Eric Thurston Alberta  
2004-05 Alberta     Rob Daum Alberta  
2003-04 StFx     Danny Flynn UNB  
2002-03 UQTR     Jacques Laporte UNB  
2001-02 Western     Clarke Singer Guelph, Laurier &
2000-01 UQTR     Jacques Laporte Guelph, Laurier &
1999-00 Alberta     Rob Daum Saskatchewan  
1998-99 Alberta     Rob Daum Saskatchewan  
1997-98 UNB     Mike Kelly Saskatchewan  
1996-97 Guelph     Marlin Muylaert Maple Leaf Gardens,
1995-96 Acadia     Mark Hanneman Maple Leaf Gardens,
1994-95 Moncton     Pete Belliveau Maple Leaf Gardens,
1993-94 Lethbridge     Mike Babcock Maple Leaf Gardens,
1992-93 Acadia     Tom Coolen Maple Leaf Gardens,
1991-92 Alberta     Bill Moores Toronto  
1990-91 UQTR     Dany Dubé Toronto  
1989-90 Moncton     Len Doucet Toronto  
1988-89 York     Graham Wise Toronto  
1987-88 York     Graham Wise Toronto  
1986-87 UQTR     Clément Jodoin Alberta  
1985-86 Alberta     Clare Drake Alberta  
1984-85 York     Dave Chambers Toronto  
1983-84 Toronto     Mike Keenan UQTR  
1982-83 Saskatchewan     Dave King Moncton  
1981-82 Moncton     Jean Perron Moncton  
1980-81 Moncton     Jean Perron Calgary  
1979-80 Alberta     Bill Moores Regina  
1978-79 Alberta     Clare Drake Concordia  
1977-78 Alberta     Clare Drake Moncton  
1976-77 Toronto     Tom Watt Alberta  
1975-76 Toronto     Tom Watt Toronto  
1974-75 Alberta     Clare Drake Alberta  
1973-74 Waterloo     Bob McKillop Toronto  
1972-73 Toronto     Tom Watt Toronto  
1971-72 Toronto     Tom Watt Bishop's &
1970-71 Toronto     Tom Watt Laurentian  
1969-70 Toronto     Tom Watt UPEI  
1968-69 Toronto     Tom Watt Alberta  
1967-68 Alberta     Clare Drake Sir George Williams,
Loyola & MacDonald
1966-67 Toronto     Tom Watt Calgary & Alberta  
1965-66 Toronto     Tom Watt Laurentian  
1964-65 Manitoba     Bill Robinson Manitoba  
1963-64 Alberta     Clare Drake Queen's & RMC / CMR  
1962-63 McMaster     Les Prince Queen's & RMC / CMR