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The David Johnston University Cup was first presented by Queen's University and the Royal Military College of Canada - participants in the first organized interuniversity hockey game played in Kingston, Ont. in 1885 - in recognition of the contribution made to the game of hockey by outstanding university players.

In 2018, it was renamed in recognition of the Right Honourable David Johnston’s support of Canadian university sport and its student-athletes. During his time as Governor General, the Right Honourable Mr. Johnston founded the Governor General’s Academic All-Canadian Commendation to recognize the country’s Top 8 student-athletes with an average over 80 per cent who also give back to their communities, in addition to awarding certificates to more than 3,800 Academic All-Canadians annually.

His connection to Canadian universities include a Bachelor of Laws degree from Queen’s University and beginning a professional career in 1966 as assistant professor in the law faculty at Queen’s. Mr. Johnston moved on to the University of Toronto’s law faculty in 1968 and became dean of Western University’s law faculty in 1974. He was named principal and vice-chancellor of McGill University in 1979, serving for 15 years before returning to teaching as a full-time professor in the McGill Faculty of Law. In June 1999, he became the fifth president and vice-chancellor of the University of Waterloo, serving until 2010.

The Right Honourable Mr. Johnston is the third longest-serving Governor General of Canada. His seven-year tenure (October 2010-October 2017) was characterized by inclusiveness, dedication, energy and ambition in quest of a smarter, more caring Canada and a better world.

Past Champions

2020-21 Cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic UPEI  
2019-20 Cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic Acadia  
2018-19 UNB Results Recap Gardiner MacDougall Lethbridge  
2017-18 Alberta Results Recap Serge Lajoie UNB Bulletin
2016-17 UNB Results   Gardiner MacDougall UNB  
2015-16 UNB Results   Gardiner MacDougall Saint Mary's  
2014-15 Alberta Results   Ian Herbers StFX  
2013-14 Alberta Results   Ian Herbers Saskatchewan  
2012-13 UNB Results   Gardiner MacDougall Saskatchewan  
2011-12 McGill Results   Kelly Nobes UNB  
2010-11 UNB Results   Gardiner MacDougall UNB  
2009-10 Saint Mary's     Trevor Stienburg Lakehead  
2008-09 UNB     Gardiner MacDougall Lakehead  
2007-08 Alberta     Eric Thurston Moncton  
2006-07 UNB     Gardiner MacDougall Moncton  
2005-06 Alberta     Eric Thurston Alberta  
2004-05 Alberta     Rob Daum Alberta  
2003-04 StFX     Danny Flynn UNB  
2002-03 UQTR     Jacques Laporte UNB  
2001-02 Western     Clarke Singer Guelph, Laurier &
2000-01 UQTR     Jacques Laporte Guelph, Laurier &
1999-00 Alberta     Rob Daum Saskatchewan  
1998-99 Alberta     Rob Daum Saskatchewan  
1997-98 UNB     Mike Kelly Saskatchewan  
1996-97 Guelph     Marlin Muylaert Maple Leaf Gardens,
1995-96 Acadia     Mark Hanneman Maple Leaf Gardens,
1994-95 Moncton     Pete Belliveau Maple Leaf Gardens,
1993-94 Lethbridge     Mike Babcock Maple Leaf Gardens,
1992-93 Acadia     Tom Coolen Maple Leaf Gardens,
1991-92 Alberta     Bill Moores Toronto  
1990-91 UQTR     Dany Dubé Toronto  
1989-90 Moncton     Len Doucet Toronto  
1988-89 York     Graham Wise Toronto  
1987-88 York     Graham Wise Toronto  
1986-87 UQTR     Clément Jodoin Alberta  
1985-86 Alberta     Clare Drake Alberta  
1984-85 York     Dave Chambers Toronto  
1983-84 Toronto     Mike Keenan UQTR  
1982-83 Saskatchewan     Dave King Moncton  
1981-82 Moncton     Jean Perron Moncton  
1980-81 Moncton     Jean Perron Calgary  
1979-80 Alberta     Bill Moores Regina  
1978-79 Alberta     Clare Drake Concordia  
1977-78 Alberta     Clare Drake Moncton  
1976-77 Toronto     Tom Watt Alberta  
1975-76 Toronto     Tom Watt Toronto  
1974-75 Alberta     Clare Drake Alberta  
1973-74 Waterloo     Bob McKillop Toronto  
1972-73 Toronto     Tom Watt Toronto  
1971-72 Toronto     Tom Watt Bishop's &
1970-71 Toronto     Tom Watt Laurentian  
1969-70 Toronto     Tom Watt UPEI  
1968-69 Toronto     Tom Watt Alberta  
1967-68 Alberta     Clare Drake Sir George Williams,
Loyola & MacDonald
1966-67 Toronto     Tom Watt Calgary & Alberta  
1965-66 Toronto     Tom Watt Laurentian  
1964-65 Manitoba     Bill Robinson Manitoba  
1963-64 Alberta     Clare Drake Queen's & RMC / CMR  
1962-63 McMaster     Les Prince Queen's & RMC / CMR  

Championship Totals

school titles most recent
Alberta 16 2017-18
Toronto 10 1983-84
UNB 7 2018-19
UQTR 4 2002-03
Moncton 4 1994-95
York 3 1988-89
Acadia 2 1995-96
Saint Mary's 1 2009-10
McMaster 1 1962-63
Manitoba 1 1964-65
Lethbridge 1 1993-94
Waterloo 1 1973-74
McGill 1 2011-12
Western 1 2001-02
Guelph 1 1996-97
StFX 1 2003-04
Saskatchewan 1 1982-83