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The Sam Davidson Memorial Trophy is awarded annually to the U SPORTS Men's Soccer Champions. The award, in honour of a past General Secretary of the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA), was presented to U SPORTS by the CSA in 1972. Davidson served as CSA secretary from 1922 to 1940 was later inducted into Canada Soccer Hall of Fame as a builder in 2000.

Past Champions

2020 Cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic Carleton
2019 UQTR Results Recap Montréal
2018 Montréal Results Recap UBC
2017 Cape Breton Results Recap Thompson Rivers
2016 Alberta Results Recap Guelph
2015 York Results Recap York
2014 York Results Recap UPEI
2013 UBC Results Recap UNB
2012 UBC Results Recap Laval
2011 Victoria Results Recap Victoria
2010 York Results Recap Toronto
2009 Laval Results Recap Trinity Western
2008 York Results   Carleton
2007 UBC Results   UBC
2006 Alberta Results   Alberta
2005 UBC Results   UPEI
2004 Victoria Results   Montréal/McGill
2003 Alberta Results   Montréal
2002 Brock Results   Carleton
2001 Laurier Results   Saint Mary's
2000 Laurier Results   McMaster
1999 Western Results   Victoria
1998 Western Results   McGill
1997 McGill Results   Dalhousie
1996 Victoria Results   York
1995 Dalhousie Results   UQTR
1994 UBC Results   UBC
1993 Sherbrooke Results   Acadia
1992 UBC Results   Guelph
1991 UBC Results   Queen's
1990 UBC Results   Guelph
1989 UBC Results   UBC
1988 Toronto Results   UBC
1987 Victoria Results   McGill
1986 UBC Results   Toronto
1985 UBC Results   UBC
1984 UBC Results   Carleton
1983 Laurentian Results   Laurentian
1982 McGill Results   McGill
1981 McGill Results   Alberta
1980 UNB Results   UNB
1979 Alberta Results   Alberta
1978 Manitoba Results   Concordia
1977 York Results   Waterloo
1976 Concordia Results   Concordia
1975 Victoria Results   Victoria
1974 UBC Results   Concordia
1973 Loyola Results   Memorial
1972 Alberta Results   York
1971 Laurentian Results   n/a
1970 Memorial Results   n/a