Championships Women’s Field Hockey


The McCrae Cup, presented annually to the U SPORTS Women's Field Hockey Champions, was donated by Atlantic University Sport and presented for the first time at the 1977 championship.

The trophy honours Judy McCrae, former director of athletics and recreation at the University of Waterloo from 1994 to 2008. McCrae, one of the first female athletic directors at a U SPORTS institution, also served as the university’s field hockey and curling coach, and held a term as president of the U SPORTS Board of Directors. She was also the president of Field Hockey Canada, and led the national team as Chef de Mission to several world championships and Olympics.

h2>Past Champions 

Date champions recap host info
2017 UBC Recap UBC Bulletin
2016 UBC   Toronto  
2015 UBC   Victoria  
2014 UBC   Toronto  
2013 UBC   Victoria  
2012 UBC   Toronto  
2011 UBC   Calgary  
2010 Toronto   Guelph  
2009 UBC   Victoria  
2008 Victoria   Victoria  
2007 Toronto   Toronto  
2006 UBC   UBC  
2005 Alberta   UBC  
2004 UBC   Alberta  
2003 UBC   York  
2002 Victoria   Saint Mary's  
2001 UBC   Toronto  
2000 Victoria   Victoria  
1999 UBC   Waterloo  
1998 UBC   Alberta  
1997 Victoria   York  
1996 Toronto   Victoria  
1995 Victoria   York  
1994 Victoria   Calgary  
1993 Toronto   Toronto  
1992 Victoria   UBC  
1991 Victoria   Saint Mary's  
1990 UBC   Alberta  
1989 Victoria   Toronto  
1988 Toronto   McGill  
1987 Victoria   York  
1986 Toronto   Toronto  
1985 Toronto   Toronto  
1984 Victoria   UBC  
1983 UBC   UNB  
1982 UBC   Calgary  
1981 Toronto   UBC  
1980 UBC   York  
1979 Toronto   Victoria  
1978 UBC   Toronto  
1977 Toronto   McGill  
1976 Dalhousie   Dalhousie  
1975 Toronto   UBC