Championships Women’s Rugby


The Monilex Trophy is awarded annually to the U SPORTS Women's Rugby Champions. The first women's rugby championship was held in November 1998. The Trophy was donated by Monilex Sports, the official Canadian distributor of Gilbert Rugby balls.

Past Champions

Date Champion RESULTS recap host Info
2019 Laval Results Recap Ottawa WATCH
2018 StFX Results Recap Acadia  
2017 Ottawa Results Recap Lethbridge Bulletin
2016 StFX Results Recap Victoria  
2015 McMaster Results Recap Queen's  
2014 StFX Results Recap Guelph  
2013 Alberta Results Recap Laval  
2012 StFX Results Recap StFX  
2011 Guelph Results Recap Trent  
2010 StFX Results Recap Trent  
2009 Lethbridge Results Recap UBC  
2008 Lethbridge     Lethbridge  
2007 Lethbridge     Western  
2006 StFX     Western  
2005 Western     Victoria  
2004 Western     AUS  
2003 Alberta     Alberta  
2002 Alberta     Toronto  
2001 Alberta     Ottawa  
2000 Alberta     Bishop's  
1999 Alberta     Guelph  
1998 Guelph     McMaster